History of Artistic Practise

At the heart of my work is a fascination with the vulnerability of humanity; a desire to expose it and reclaim it as a natural aspect of life. Never more have we been confronted by the pressure to be super beings more-than-human and perfect, destroying all that we can be.

It is through the experiences and journey of others that we make sense of our own.

Novels in Development

The Nothingness I Feel – This novel explores the messages we take from the family home and how they hijack the beliefs we hold about who we are. It is a timely work given the increasing pressures to be super-human and perfect, if possible inhuman. Genre: Creative Non-Fiction.

On a Plate - A personal exploration of the hyper-sexualisation of women over the last two decades. The book traces the women in the authors life and her own struggle against the backdrop of a pornified society. This work is timely as young women are increasingly reduced to image and sexual appeal, forcing them to become invisible in society from an earlier and earlier age. Genre: Creative Non-Fiction.

Famine - As family networks dissolve, people’s relationship with food - through advertising and forced consumerism - increasingly takes the place of the family as a source of emotional sustainability and comfort. Genre: Creative Non-Fiction